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This website is the only place in the known universe where the original
AMAZING LIVE SEA-MONKEYS® can currently be obtained.

Sam Harwell from Nashville, Tennessee is the mastermind behind an elaborate Sea-Monkeys® counterfeiting operation in China. Harwell is actively marketing and selling his counterfeit in retail stores throughout the world. His counterfeit has NOTHING to do with the genuine SeaMonkeys® product that the world has come to know, love, and adore.

Wal-Mart and Toys-R-Us (among others) have been noticed that the product received by Harwell that they are now selling is in fact a counterfeit but both retailers have refused to remove the counterfeit from their shelves.

Please know that the Sea-Monkeys® are doing everything within their collective powers to terminate the Chinese counterfeiting operation. An action in defense of the Sea-Monkeys® is pending in federal court in the Southern District of New York (13-cv-6642).

Interestingly enough, Sam Harwell is the spouse of Beth Harwell. Beth Harwell is the Speaker of the House of the Tennessee House of Representatives. Sam Harwell is the CEO of Big Time Toys, LLC.

What You Can Do!
Say NO to counterfeiting!

Purchase only the original and authentic

Become deputized in the army of Sea-Monkeys® aficionados
throughout the world and help spread the word!

The fate of humanity is tied to Sea-Monkeys®!


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