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    February 2nd 2017:

   A date for the SEA-MONKEYS® TRIAL has been set!  US Federal District Judge Edgardo Ramos has set the trial to begin on Monday, May 1st 2017 in his courtroom in the Thurgood Marshall United States Courthouse located at 40 Foley Square, New York, NY 10007.  The trial will shed light on issues of the evolution or NOT of ethics, etiquette, civility, and trademark infringement as such relate to modern man and society in the 21st Century.

   Transcience LLC and Yolanda von Braunhut are the owners of all of the intellectual property relating to the product known to the world as “Sea-Monkeys®”.  The Transcience Corporation (TSC) and Yolanda von Braunhut entered into a Licensing Agreement with Big Time Toys, LLC (aka. BTT) in the year 2007.  That agreement effectively licensed the Sea-Monkeys® intellectual property to Big Time Toys, LLC.  That agreement also gave BTT the right to purchase the Sea-Monkeys® brand from TSC and Yolanda for a specified price.  The parties amended the 2007 agreement in the year 2009.


   The parties performed their contractual obligations without significant incident until the month of December 2012.  In the month of December 2012 Big Time Toys made it known to TSC and Yolanda that it would no longer from that point forward be performing its contractual payment obligations.  Big Time Toys made it clear that unless a better deal could be renegotiated that Big Time Toys was prepared to walk away from the Sea-Monkeys® business.  TSC and Yolanda shortly thereafter sent to Big Time Toys a “Notice of Default” thereby giving Big Time Toys the opportunity to cure its default.  After Big Time Toys failed to cure its default TSC and Yolanda, pursuant to the terms of the former agreement between the parties, declared the agreement between the parties “null and void with no further force or effect”.

   Unfortunately, Big Time Toys at that juncture refused to cease and desist with the Sea-Monkeys® business.  TSC and Yolanda were compelled to bring an action in federal court in NYC captioned Transcience et al. v. BTT (13-cv-6642) against Big Time Toys in September of 2013 to force Big Time Toys to stop selling and profiting from the plaintiffs’ Sea-Monkeys® intellectual property. 

   Sam Harwell, from Nashville Tennessee, is the owner and CEO of BTT.  In addition to refusing to stop selling the Sea-Monkeys® brand name Sam Harwell took it upon himself to set up an elaborate counterfeiting operation based in China that began counterfeiting the Sea-Monkeys® intellectual property in or about the month of October 2013.  Harwell continues to counterfeit the Sea-Monkeys® intellectual property in China to this very day.  Harwell’s counterfeit has damaged the name brand and has defrauded the buying public at large in an amount to be determined at trial.

   On top of all of this, Sam Harwell is married to Beth Harwell who is the current Speaker of the House of the State of Tennessee.

“At his best, man is the noblest of all animals; separated from law and justice he is the worst.”                                                Aristotle

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