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sea-monkey aquarium

What is a Sea-Monkey?

Well, the Sea Monkey® ,( Artemia nyos) is a relative of the brine shrimp (Artemia Salina ) . This creature will end up growing 1/2 to 3/4 inch in length . Occasionally, we have even had customers tell us they have seen them grow to on inch , although this is rare. Their lifespan can be up to one year and we have had many customer who keep their Sea Monkey® colonies alive for as much as 5 years.

Sea Monkeys® are the fun lovable little creatures that are too small to hug , but are highly enjoyable . If you have a hard time raising pets that need to be walked outdoors, and fed multiple times a day, Sea Monkeys® can be the perfect pet for you. They are virtually maintenance free pets , and probably one of the easiest pets to raise.

In all actuality, Sea-Monkeys® are a sort of brine shrimp; in fact, they are actually hybrid brine shrimp. They have been engineered to live longer and grow larger. What fun would it be to have a pet that lives a month then dies?

Brine shrimp are strong survivors. They have developed the ability to keep their eggs in suspended animation (cryptobiosis) for years. That means that if these little creatures’ homes got all dried up for a couple years and then the rain finally gives them some swimming area, they can hatch and grow again doing their little flips and somersaults.

Sea-Monkeys® are sold the world over; their eggs are freeze dried, packaged, and then distributed to sea monkey vendors. Only this kind of shrimp could survive in those living conditions. They were very commonly used as live fish food because of their high protein.